About Us

Bedfordshire has a long tradition in horticulture and farming and is renowned for growing vegetable crops including potatoes, onions and marrows as well as the infamous Brussels Sprout.

Back in 1963, a group of forward thinking Bedfordshire farmers and growers recognised the potential growth of major retail groups would result in customers demanding higher standards of crop marketing and presentation.

They formed a co-operative, purchased land and began co-ordinating production, packaging, marketing and distributing high quality locally grown crops.

The first packhouse was constructed in 1966 employing experienced local staff with expertise in harvesting and product presentation.

The business prospered and additional facilities were added to ensure Bedfordshire Growers continued to maintain the highest standards of service to the growing customer base.

In the 1990’s the company formed close relationships with local growers in Spain and added year-round supply of leaf salad crops to their portfolio of fresh vegetable produce.

Improvements to the A1 and other major trunk routes enabled Bedfordshire Growers to develop further storage facilities and added their own fleet of delivery vehicles, providing a highly efficient delivery system servicing the ever-growing demand for fresh produce.

50 years on and still a grower-owned business, the site now extends over 98 acres (40 hectares) including adjacent farmland. Facilities comprise three packhouses fitted with modern crop grading and packing equipment, cold stores with distribution bays, and long term controlled atmosphere stores.

Despite the expansion of the business Bedfordshire Growers still retains the original ethos of supporting local growers and supplying crops grown to the very highest technical and environmental standards.

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