Bedfordshire Growers has historically grown a wide variety of salad and vegetable crops for distribution to multiple retail and wholesale customers.

Onions remain and integral part of Bedfordshire Growers. We have a strong and dedicated grower base with an award winning reputation for NPD. On site we have Modern grading and packing facilities We grade and pack for supermarkets, foodservice and wholesale markets.

Did you know we introduced Red Onions to the Uk.

Leafy Salads
With UK and Spanish production we supply our customers with 12 month continuity. We have a strong history of NPD and several of the leading product lines on sales in major multiple retailers we developed and launched by Bedfordshire Growers.

Did you know we introduced Romaine lettuce to the UK

We grow, pack and supply potatoes to the wholesale markets, processors and local merchants.

Once a thriving part of the business with sprout production in 70's, 80's and 90's Brassica production is now grown on a limited basis.

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