Sweet Red Onion Recipe Ideas

Uncooked (eaten raw, to enjoy the juicy, crunchy texture without the bitter aftertaste):

  • As a salad garnish (eaten raw)
  • Perfect with a strong cheese, especially in a sandwich
  • A burger topper
  • Chopped up in guacamole
  • Salsa dips

Cooked (dishes where extra sweetness is required & unlike other red onions does not discolour when cooked):

  • Stir fry
  • Seafood risotto
  • Beef bourguignon
  • Paella
  • Onion rings
  • As a pizza topping

"Not only do onions taste delicious, they're also a convenient excuse for unexpectedly teary moments. When your eyes are red but you don't want to explain why, you can always brush off prying questions with talk of prepping onions in the kitchen

But Asda may have scuppered that pretext, with a sweet red onion that won't make you cry. Alastair Findlay, a farmer from Bedfordshire Growers, has spent 20 years on his quest to create the tear-free onion. His final product comes after tasting and dismissing 500 onion bulbs every season for the past two decades. Now that he's finally satisfied with the sweet onion breed, 40 tonnes worth will hit the shelves in Asda this weekend.

We pit Asda's new-fangled onion against a bog-standard garden variety, to see whether sensitive eyes cope any better with the "lower pungency" version.

I wasn't in floods of tears, but after chopping a normal onion my eyes became a little red and teary.

It still smelled like an onion and wasn't as soft on my eyes as, say, cucumber eye cream, but I didn't feel my eyes sting after chopping an entire low-pungency onion."

If you're a fan of mascara then the new sweet onion is more likely to protect your make up. But tear-free or otherwise, onions are a naturally flavourful ingredient – and that's what really counts."

The Daily Telegraph 11/02/15

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